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I like this product! I saw it and had to get it, it was definitely worth it. Such beautiful lighting, I know it will be perfect in my dormitory.
This lamp is absolutely unique and good value for money. It is very bright, but it also exudes a very cool retro-style atmosphere for anything you place around it.
It is so bright and visually warms the whole room!
I like this very much! It is so beautiful. Just to make the atmosphere in the room great or just to take good photos! I am in love.
I just want to create a calm atmosphere in my room, which is much better than I thought! I like it so much!
Love this lamp! ! It created such a wonderful ambient light for my bedroom, very suitable for portraits or photography! !
I have nothing to dislike about this product. The brightness is much higher than I expected. The control of the light is very direct. My friends like the light. I know they will be a great gift!
I got this lamp to decorate my new apartment, it was perfect. Light up the room so well that I don’t need a floor lamp anymore.
I like this lamp! Super bright, the colors blend perfectly.
The lamp is very sturdy and easy to assemble. I am confident that it will continue. The light is very beautiful.
Much brighter than expected, but in a good way. It has a nice color. I do hope it can focus but it is still very good!
I have two sunset lights colors and I like their appearance! We plug them into the back of the TV, and they turn on easily when we turn on the TV! It's so cool and the photos are interesting.
This lamp is exactly what it is supposed to do, it becomes very hot after use. It is recommended not to use it for a long time, not more than 30 minutes, unless you want to burn your hands.
There are many sunset lights on the market now, but honestly this is the best I have ever seen! Very easy to use and so bright! I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants one.
It works very well. The light is very bright, it can illuminate my room, it looks like the picture and description.
This lamp really exceeded my expectations. I bought it on a whim and honestly didn't expect that much, but I was really satisfied.
It creates a very beautiful color! The coverage area is smaller than expected, but I can make it work!
The product does look like a sunset. However, it looks very simple-an orange round light.
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