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Galaxy Projector

intelligent control

APP intelligent control, Bluetooth function, or remote control can facilitate you to create and control your own galaxy universe, and explore outer space in the comfort of your home.
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Starlight Projector

intelligent control

7 different dimming modes provide you with unlimited combinations, which can project a realistic starry sky and create a good sleeping environment for you and your family.
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Starry Night Projector

intelligent control

The projector is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is strong enough to withstand a drop of 2 meters. It is designed for durability and can withstand daily activities.
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Jessica Charles
You have to believe that this projector will never let you down. In the picture, you will see that I use it in my living room to create an amazing atmosphere in my living room. My phone camera can’t take better lighting photos, but the effect is amazing.
A. C.
This is really a cool moon lamp! It is charged via USB, and the color, brightness, etc. can be changed with the remote control. We all love this lamp and enjoy its various functions.
I have a soft spot for anything related to space. This is an interesting purchase, definitely bright enough!
Tami Allan
This must be one of the coolest products I have ever bought. Once you download the app to your phone and connect it, the displayed content will be customized. This adds some atmosphere to my bedroom, and the realistic look is very cool. I am very satisfied with my purchase!