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The effect and brightness of this starry sky projector are great. When you need to dim, the brightness setting is good because it does become very bright. The projection area is very suitable for small and medium-sized bedrooms. Children like it, and adults may like it too.
This is very effective if you want to add some flare and cool effects to your room. I am very happy with this purchase.
It's hard to describe how wonderful this thing illuminates the room.
I didn't think too much when I bought it, but it helps my grandchildren to fall asleep more easily, especially if they have sleep problems. I am happy to say that all my grandchildren are so happy!
A few days ago, I used them on the ceiling of my large holiday party and they were very popular.
This kind of projection lamp and laser has incredible value and is very interesting for children.
Great, just like pictures and videos!
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