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I bought this for my daughter's room because she is fascinated by any galaxy. This is perfect! It is super bright and covers the entire ceiling and walls. I like that it has different viewing options.
It has brightness control and different functions. I like it, it really adds a touch of magic to my room!
We like this very much. We bought one for my daughter. This lamp is very good. It has many functions and is versatile.
This is better than you think. I want one in my room now.
I think this is the best one I have encountered, and it gave me what I wanted most under the stars.
I really like this product. This is very calm, especially when I am under a lot of pressure. I like it very much and I bought another one for my sister's room.
There are more details than the picture shows. When the projector is on one side of the room, at the edge of the image, you can see the specific shape of the star, the farther it is, the more natural it looks. We like it!
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