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I really liked this purchase. I couldn't sleep in the dark, so I turned on this light before going to bed.
I can't wait to show it to my friends, I think it will be a great gift.
This is the best sleep light. My daughter likes to be in her room. She said it looked calming and made her dark room perfect. We turned off all the lights, opened the ceiling, and watched a movie under the stars. Great family fun.
We also bought one for the family. Our little one and both of us love it! We like the different brightness settings and how it provides you with rotation options.
This projector is great! I got a blue nebula with green stars, which is very spectacular. This is a great product. So far, it has been used continuously for about two weeks without any problems.
I have never bought something like this one that looks better than the one advertised! ! I bought it for my 3-year-old daughter because she likes such items.
This product is definitely worth buying, the color is very beautiful.
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