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Not only do my children like to lie on my bed and watch the stars move, my husband also joins in. I can't believe how cool it is. I am looking forward to dark now so that I can enjoy this beautiful starry sky.
I just got it today and my whole family loves it! It is very bright, easy to use, and looks well made. The patterns are mixed with each other and constantly change, with excellent clarity.
This lamp is so beautiful! Once it finds the correct position and angle, it will project a considerable wall area. It is very easy to plug in and power up. The Bluetooth application is also very easy to use. Very interesting, you can create your own effects.
I like this thing. It's really good, especially at night. It will cover your entire ceiling. Don't look directly at it, because it will hurt your eyes. My kids love it, and I want to buy one for my husband and I’s room.
So far, this has worked very well. There is no problem with different modes. My kids love it, and the nebula itself looks really cool.
The brightness is amazing and the quality of the projector is great. If you are considering any other kind, please buy this. It looks great.
I won't lie, this project is very cool! I finally liked it so much that I used it more and more times.
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