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It has had such a big impact on my life. It creates a very pleasant and pleasant atmosphere in my room.
It really is a great projector. I was attracted by the rotating function of the projector, it really put me in a wonderful space.
I bought one of them for my daughter's bedroom. I thought it looked tacky, but I was really touched. The clarity of the stars and how they move differently makes for a very cool viewing experience.
We used it as a night light for children, and they fell in love with it. Compared with the products it replaces, this product is worth the money.
The Nebula Simulator is very cool, with layered motion, changing it as it rotates slowly. When I want to use it in a dark room or a room with some ambient light, the brightness level is a good choice.
I like the calm atmosphere it creates. You can make it bright enough to illuminate the room, or dim it to make it more like a night light.
If you want to upgrade the room to a higher level, then this is a must, trust me!
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