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Moon Lamp 3D Shape Light

Moon Lamp 3D Shape Light

$29.99 $42.84
Exactly what I want to give to the children. They like it.
They charge quickly, and so far the battery life seems pretty good.
The cost of this remote control lamp is about average. I would say that it really looks like a mini moon. And has a sedative effect.
I like all the different settings and colors! ! It emits a beautiful light, so it is not completely dark, but it is also dark enough not to disturb sleeping children!
When I first got it, I charged it for a few hours, and then I opened it later that night. I chose white in the brightest setting. After a few minutes, it will change the color on its own without pressing any buttons.
My child likes this lamp. Since we bought it, it has been used as a night light every night, and we had to buy another one because each of them wanted their own.
I did a brief test on it when it arrived, so I can't talk about battery life or durability, etc. However, the test went well. I am very satisfied with this small moonlight, it is very realistic and reasonably priced.
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